Every lock needs a key. Join us as we unlock 5 Keys to Stepfamily Success. 

Key #1 - When God Redeems Your Story –To overcome a difficult past and press into an unknown future, trust God to redeem your story and make sense of your family’s future. Your family story isn’t over. There’s more to be written. 

Key #2 - A Dynamic Marriage – A healthy marriage is like gravity; it pulls all things toward it. Parenting is better, bonding is more likely, and “familyness” grows. Even when the pieces of your stepfamily are flying in different directions a strong marriage invites them back and welcomes them home.

Key #3 – Compassionate Parenting – Parenting is tough. Parenting and stepparenting in a stepfamily is exponentially more difficult and requires a strange mix of teamwork, self-awareness, effective parenting skills, grief counseling, and heart-felt compassion. But unlock this one and it’s likely that your family will thrive. 

Key #4 – Get a New You – The more you become like Christ, the better parent, stepparent, and/or spouse you grow into and the stronger your family becomes. Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts so your family can be at peace.

Key #5 – Dedicated to the Journey – Healthy stepfamilies are stubbornly persistent. They refuse to quit. Learn what it means to be committed to the process of becoming family and gain inspiration to keep going.