Boiled down, Josh Childs is a storyteller. He is a multi-produced stage and screenwriter of nearly 20 years. He is also the video writer for Lifeway Bookstore’s youth Bible study curriculums; “Bible Study for Life”, “The Gospel Project” and “Flyte”.

He has been acting even longer than he has been writing. Though he has a background in the theater, he is no stranger to being on-camera. He has worked on feature films, TV, commercials and even a music video or two.

As a writer, he knows scripts are great, but sometimes you just want to make stuff up. He is a member of Nashville’s longest running improv group “The Spontaneous Comedy Company”. He is also the co-creator of the brand new Nashville improv show “Court”.

Josh has the distinct pleasure of being “Chuck”, the host of the online, Methodist series “Chuck Knows Church” and its subsequent spin-off “The Committee”. As host, he also joined the Chuck crew for the documentary “Francis Asbury: A Flame Spirit”, which just won 3 Emmys.

Whether it’s writing, acting, on the spot improv, or even hosting, to be a storyteller is the greatest of honors. It is a tool Jesus used to make God famous, so Josh happily follows that example every opportunity he gets.

Josh writes his own story in Nashville with his wife, Heather, and his two sons Joses and Jairus.